Issue 33: #DarylDavisIsBetterThanYou- of Accidental Courtesy, hunting the Mothmin and Facebook Tussles

The Randals watch the solar eclipse with their bare eyes because staring at the sun is totally okay every other day of the year, right? OneEighth gets into some facebook tussles and goes to West Virginia to die on a bridge in an accident of paranormal caliber while WilyMD is too chickenshit to fuck with a wrong number in another edition of "ConTEXTualized." They learn that destroying history is easier than building a brighter tomorrow and that no one on twitter is punching shit, up to and including any "Nazis."

More importantly, Daryl Davis is as awesome as he is large. OneEighth introduces WilyMD to "Accidental Courtesy," a documentary about a man on a mission, your thoughts be damned. Just as the bloggers that make up the Digital Millennium Misery Merchants scrape out one another's eyes for circus peanuts, decrying everything that doesn't meet the status quo definition of "progressive," someone else is out there putting in work instead of just editorializing a semen-blood cocktail of Wikipedia articles and aggregated opinion news; what we end up with is bored, lackadaisical fools trumpeting themselves as heroes, adopting a stance that most people already have, but none of them are willing to act upon it in the way that Daryl Davis has... and it really seems to piss them off, which is how we end up with 140-character diameter vomit-pools of arrogance, such as: "if you're a white man with the richard spencer haircut, i'm just gonna assume you're a nazi and hit you tbh."

Always a veritable hub of embarrassingly predictable, internet trash-typists, XO Jane had this to say about Daryl Davis: "Sorry Daryl Davis, But Befriending White Supremacists Doesn't Eradicate Systemic Racism — Right?"
There's nothing more quintessentially millennial than for a shiftless, do-nothing-but-"critique"-society-twenty-something to attempt at usurping the moral high ground by writing a blog, as is always the attitude of the entitled, self-righteous ingrate: wanting someone else to be a hero for you because you wish that you could be valuable in any capacity at all as you're getting paid in five dollar Espressos and burlap sacks of quinoa to "aggregate" other people's content into a listicle or an editorial hit-piece about a topic that is cosmically beyond the grasp of your publication's purview, let alone yourself, of which you've misappropriated and sensationalized to fit into a pop-culture feedbag after having ground it down to the intellectual consistency of pig slop.

Daryl Davis isn't doing this for you. Just like the twenty-year-old punks of Black Lives Matter that haven't seen a single percentage of what he has in their lives, all of the children writing for ad revenue-chasing blogs like XO Jane want something from him and his response is, as it should be, "I don't owe you shit."

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