Issue 32: #BlockedFromRoom1408- of VidCon 2017, Tariq Na-full-of-Sheeit, John Q-Sack and BG?WG?

The Randals accidentally and incidentally run afoul of John "Q" Sack, best known for his starring role in the sequel to Tariq Nasheed's "The Art of Mackin'" and VidCon 2017 gets "debriefed" as it's head organizer apologizes for not allowing his brand of harassers to do more harassing at their stupid convention that WilyMD admits, "looked like fun" and wouldn't mind taking ToB there in 2018 so he can "Kiwi polish Maddox's bald head" and "tickle Sargon's belly until he giggles." CNN attempts to play internet hardball by actively digging up and publishing private information about some kid who meme'd them up in the twittaverse, with everyone agreeing at the end of the day that they are indeed the ones who are the ball-lickers.

Youtube humor-philanthropist Bunty King (currently suspended from said twittaverse, #AnotheroneBitesTheDust) pokes Tariq "I used to be a pick-up-artist but all of a sudden I give a real shit about racial issues" Nasheed with the twitter shtick and Steve Shives wouldn't know the Art of Blockin' if it were an eighteen-year-old transgender vlogger he could have suspiciously platonic chats with in the youtube comment section because he's been using auto-blockers his entire career, the equivalent of soliciting prostitutes and calling yourself a ladies man just because you were wearing a gator shirt in the motel, which of course WilyMD has no intention of letting go out of style. OneEighth attempts (with beckoning futility) to convince Herr "Q" Sack to let his partner back into Room 1408.

VidCon: an "apology"

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This week's tunes:
With These Eyes, by Skelpit Lug
From Aberdeen, Scotland

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