Issue 26: #CheckYourHardware;CauseYouJustGotNardwared- of Nardwuar, YouTube Advertisers and Google/Pepsi's "coexist"

WilyMD becomes obsessed with OG indie music scene serviette, Nardwuar, after being introduced to the enthusiastic Vancouver, BC representative by OneEighth last week. He also learns from his co-host that Pepsi shocked the world by attempting to pander to the large demographic of twitter activists/complainers and shiftless facebook layabouts that continually insist that "people of color" need to pandered to with more "representation"... and was naturally met with full-on scorn, since shiftless twitter activists are never satisfied; but more importantly because everyone else already knows ads are meant to do exactly a thing that people despise only while they realize it's happening: manipulate them.

Tha Randal's Last Week Legato over Nardwuar's strangely all at once effective, obnoxious and intoxicating interviewing habits and theories into why large youtube advertisers are pulling out over shoddy reporting, then go forward with Google's coexist homepage and Islamophobia,  Stephen Colbert being religious, WilyMD playing Betrayal At House On the Hill without his good buddy OneEighth, who's been dying to play it ever since he watched Wil Wheaton fit all of the mansion tiles up his ass on youtube, Google's "Coexist" homepage, Pepsi's "Coexist" ad, Black Guy or White Guy? and the latest Envavo Heatbuff update as a challenger emerges!

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This week's tunes:
, by 13 Saints
From Pittsburgh, PA

Godless (Eva's Hair), by The Ophelias
From Cincinnati, Ohio

All songs used with permission by OneEighth and BrianshipPotemkin for the Y'all BOOLshittin'! Radio Show