Issue 25: #TheMinistryofInternetPropriety- of Jack Nicas, vacations, Road Rages, Nardwuar and The Heatbuff Update #2

Apparently not mentioning PewDiePie is well-nigh impossible as The Wall Street Journal's two month tattletale campaign to discredit, undermine and attempt to make irrelevant it's most notorious competition via whining to Mrs. Advertising about the other kids' use of "adult language" in the lunchroom continues.

While claims that a good portion of youtube's ad rolls precede "racist" content are flying out of The WSJ's Jack Nicas' fingers faster than one can tweet "hit-piece desperation," WilyMD goes out west to ponder his exact racial percentage of White Privilege and OneEighth makes contact with a literal road rage. Luckily, everyone that is half retarded enough to be slightly familiar with youtube content creation knows the WSJ's claims are patently false; so advertisers are possibly pulling out of youtube for some other reason (say, no real profit growth in the past X years of the creator monetization system) and are using this as an opportunity to bow out, whilst virtual signaling their exuberant lack of enthusiasm for National Socialism at the same time. Think about it; when is the last time you honestly believed that an advertising agency made any of their decisions based on ethics?

Join the Randals as they talk about "You Tube Armageddon Mk. XX," traffic maniacs and autistic rappers vs. Nardwuar, all wrapped up with the goFUNDyourself Heat Buff Update #2 and an audio clip of WilyMD's neighborhood "Wilt Chamberlain Cat" doin' thangs.

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