Issue 21: #TheThreeFucksketeers- of The WSJ, Milo, goFUNDyourself and Foster FuckUps

Eeny meeny miny moe, The Walking Dead is a boring show. Stop watching it, of the hostages WILL DIE.
The Randals discuss T-shirt recalls, Wil Wheaton and other overgrown twitter children, the "Last Week Legato," which brings back PewDieSiegHeil, his slanderers' motivations and it's thematic connection to The New York Times' "leaked" video of Milo Yiannopoulos: all cherry-on-topped by the very real and not at all a joke endorsement of The Wall Street Journal by Neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer; a jam-packed episode featuring a Sarah Silverman sponsored goFUNDyourself, OneEighth's Facebook Tussles and WilyMD's Foster FuckUps.

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This week's tunes:
Evel Knievel, by 13 Saints
From Pittsburgh, PA

Kingdom, by ill-iteracy

The official Y'all BOOLshittin'! Emergency Break Song:
The Lure of the Kissing Skull
, by Vaults of Extoth ft. JSarge
From the UK

Contra Todos, by The Maybes
From Glasgow, Scotland
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All songs used with permission by OneEighth and BrianshipPotemkin for the Y'all BOOLshittin'! Radio Show