Issue 41: #MeltBarAndShilled- a Final Heatbuff Update, Blaire White, BG?WG? & a Haunting

Still riding high off of their festive Halloween episodes, the Randals continue doing what's best in life: everything that does not include discussing politics or news.

Turning out to be one of the most argumentative non-political episodes since they discussed the current state of console gaming, OneEighth and WilyMD catch up on all of the personal stories they didn't have time for over the summer after the latter vehemently defends the burgeoning "Melt Bar and Grilled" against OneEighth's decidedly subpar, first-time experience, as the restaurant spreads it's delicious, carbohydrate-infused tentacles deeper into southern Ohio, turning everyone within a thirty-mile radius into a logy, day-napping iceberg of a human being, one titanic sandwich at a time.

The former shares a recent ghost story and a round of Black Guy? White Guy?, the latter brings in a palpably satisfying late-term update from Envavo Heatbuff, the official goFUNDyourself Kickstarter project of Y'all BOOLshittin'! Radio, as well as what is most likely a satirical competitor to it and the very serious, very much more heat-buffering "Jurgis Thermal Warming Buffer for Vidya," brought to you by Lithuanian immigrants and both of the Randals discuss whether or not youtube alternative-news vlogger, Blaire White is really, eh... ummm... boolshittin'.

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