Issue 35: #IntergenerationalTrauma- of Accidental Courtesy, NursesLivesMatter, Black Emojis and BG?WG?

The Randals, Lord Titan WilyMD and The Grand Wizard of Torrential Apocalypse OneEighth continue to discuss Daryl "The Human Planet" Davis and the highly underrated documentary about his longtime excursions with the Klan and his attempts to undermine them with honest discourse, a weapon far too subtle for the typically atom-splicing, Cold War Twitter Millennial.

WilyMD finally finishes the film and has a reaction similar to OneEighth's, which is starkly the opposite of everyone else who, despite their own tactic of "hating hate" having been proved ineffective for centuries of human history, think the Klan is simply raw evil flushed from Satan's piss-pot directly into our world and should be "punched" on sight (the infantile, utterly sanitized,  Duplo® sponsored, social media translation of "murdered" and/or "erased from history") and also that Daryl Davis is a race traitor for not having "punched" them devil bastards. As the Randals always say: "It takes a Race Baiter to flush out a Race Traitor!"

In this segment of the documentary, Davis meets with a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a strident Nationalist named Jeff Schoep who has hilariously confused himself into believing that Elvis created Rock n' Roll and some Yung Thugz from the Black Lives Matter Terrorist Organization who accuse our larger than Lyfe hero of what every small-time Sociopolitical blogger, with every single word, has accused the world of since the beginning of time: owing them something.

The Randals then discuss nurse Alex Wubbels and her experience with police idiocy/megalomania, the click-bait BBC News video about using "black emojis," L'Oréal and their financially understandable decision to put a model out to pasture based on statements about systemic racism that she stood by only long enough to realize that no amount or type of privilege can protect you from the Job Lynch Mob and OneEighth tests his wits against WilyMD in "Black Guy? White Guy?": Biker Edition.

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