Tower of Babel is a creative collection with works within different mediums, including podcats, artwork, writing and videos.
Started around a coffee table featuring a bullet hole, four friends began having a weekly get-together where they discussed a wide range of topics while consuming an alarming amount of alcohol. Eventually they decided to start recording the discussions to post online. Unhappy with the limitations of other podcast hosting services, a decision was made to build an entire network, and Tower of Babel was born. Realizing that having a network of one show is rather pointless, development of several new shows, blogs, and produced works such as an animated show and comic book began. Tower of Babel has also offered invitations to a few creative people to add their content to this grand experiment. Invitations continue to go out to people that have an impact on the crew here. Tower of Babel is funded entirely on donations, and believe we are only worth what you think we are worth.