Dorothy, Her Little Dog and The Digital Millennium Misery Merchants

It seems that the relatively recent and blatantly caustic infamy of Adolf Hitler has turned out to be more of a concerted paradigm than a cautionary tale among millennials who have either never read about history, or did and choose to ignore what it has to teach us about destructive rhetoric.
Black Lives Matter indulges in this by heralding the actions of criminals and the tragedies that follow, when police, further on the edge because of #BLM's own ubiquitous social media finger-pointing, have to resolve these situations at their own personal risk, to then conflate them with the actions and thoughts of ALL black people.

Unacceptable. Read a book instead of a blog for once.

Created by BrianshipPotemkin for SsjwF2:Turbo
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Clips from:
Six Feet Under: Season 2, episodes 5 and 6, circa 2002; bask in the relevance
Tre' Melvin, his sanctimonious black "privilege" running amok, from March 19, 2015
Riot footage courtesy of the 24 hour news cycle

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"The Pool," by Tori Amos
Tender Sugar," by Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill 4:The Room OST
"Blood Red," by Slayer
"Touched by the Crimson King" and "Wicked Witch" by Demons & Wizards