"The King" Jon Confirms Youtube-Nazi Conspiracy (mirror)

Remember, "mirroring" a youtube video isn't for archiving material that is arguably valuable; it's for drinking from someone else's milkshake!

Steps for getting the most out of "mirroring" videos:
1- download someone else's video (make sure they have more subscribers than you), upload it to your own monetized channel as is, with no additional commentary or effort put in and leave it amidst your original slipshod, stylistically and conceptually stagnant, tactless and complaisant content;
2- bathe in clicks!
3- supplement by slandering those with more subscribers and claim that said "popular" youtubers "sent" (keywords in quotations) their subscribers to harass you;
4- continue doing as little work possible and remain complacently mundane, however, $till #paid, woop woop!
5- make "raise the roof" gestures to yourself while bathed in the light of a computer monitor displaying your increasing twitter audience amidst the ubiquitous, looming, olfactory haze of overcooked microwave dinners; you've won!

Also, "King" Jon wants to remind you to support your local Ford Dealership and fill up that expansive trunk space in your brand new 2016 Expedition with an assortment of Reynolds Wrap® brand tin foil products before you roll camera on your next youtube community conspiracy video!

Sport a Mason Pearson Detangling Comb in your afro at the register and receive a $1 reparations rebate coupon by mail for a 40 sq. ft. 2-pack of Heavy Duty non-stick; great for keeping out time-travelling problematic ideas!

Don't forget to get all twelve of the Hi-Fi stock speakers in your 2016 Ford Expedition bumping on your way to the market by uploading your favorite tunes onto the ipod Nano, now available with a touch screen and 16GB of un-swappable storage space, so you can travel with all 10,000 of your piecemeal, 128kbps pop song mp3s at once!

Coda music: "Angel Lust," by History Abhors a Paradox

Special thanks to 4ButtonSoul for the concept behind this "conspiracy theory." Nice moves; proud of you!