goFUNDyourself: Josh $3.16- "Ride on, You Son-of-Alinksy"

Jonathan "Big Josh McInJosh" McIntosh gets put out to pasture by Feminist Frequency just to find his "second wind" on Patreon.

If you choose to include a targeted statement about other content creators who are more widely appreciated than you in your own Patreon introduction video, then you may be due for a re-read of Joseph Goebbles' principles of propaganda, ie: try to be a bit more fucking subtle in the future.

Also, good luck in attempting to recapture the magic of "Right Wing Radio Duck" without misusing "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" for the tenth fucking time.

Opening monologue from: Mister Metokur, The Internet Aristocrat's "Gen Zed: The Most Transtastic Show Ever"

Stay tuned for the ever impending "AIDS 2: Judgement Troll" featuring Jenny McDermott

Performed by BrianshipPotemkin as "Desperate Guy"