goFUNDyourself: A Tale of Two(+) Fundraising Campaigns (damn near a mirror)

"Once that's going, you've got to go to a really shitty journalistic outlet. I mean, I'm talking dog shit, here. It's gotta be... it's gotta be fucking horrible. Mary Sue sounds like a good choice." -the quote inspiring this video.

Thanks to Jim, we shouldn't have to reiterate such things. It's only because GenZed is so considerate that this issue keeps revolving around itself. Not having any concept of poverty helps, too.

Monologue from: the prophet, Mister Metokur The Internet Aristocrat's "Gen Zed: The Most Transtastic Show Ever" 

A fat, yet admirable neckbeard calls out real problems whilst bringing to light a potential misuse of funds

TJ's (said fat neckbeard) goFUNDyourself, featuring actual charity, which is, yes, possibly funded by people who want to smite "I Needa Another Sarkee" Sarkeesian

You know what? Just torch everything you enjoy because capitalism is the worst! You probably don't know the value of money anyway, so just go burn your parental stipend here