The Sound of the Conscientious Consenter

We (black people) want to start off by giving a huge shout out to white people who understand white privilege and especially our boy Onision, who like us (black people), in between wearing many wigs, spends more time editing together jump cuts for a single sentence than actually building an audience that respects the normal cadence of the human voice.

The sound of Demanded Reparations and Frustrated Twitter "Movements": Tre' Melvin, This is a Commentary 119

The sound of Prologue: That Guy T, "The 'N'igga Word"

The sound of Angry Young Men: "Ding Dang" by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade

The sound of Heavy Editing:

The euphoric sound of Morgan Hipster Freedman: "The Sound of Silence" sung by All Angels

The sound of Letting Go: ibid, by Disturbed

The sound of Monologue: ExitLightMajesty by BillesDeRais

The sound of Home Invasion: "Danger" and "Fight 1" from Thousand Arms

The sound of #BeingBlack: "Big Tymers Intro" and "Millionaire Dream" by Big Tymers

The sound of End Clip: Razörfist, GameFailers: End of an Error - Downfall #11

Special thanks to Bri for challenging with the original video.