Kevin Logan: "The descent of Man-osphere - Episode 14 Redux"

An intersectional reimagining of what Kevin Logan would sound like if he were graced with a slightly less annoying accent; also a replacement for his suddenly evaporating "The descent of Man-osphere - Episode 14 - Shoe0nHead."

"I hope Kevin sees this and his head explodes like a potato in a microwave."- 4ButtonSoul
So if you're aware of K-Lo, go comment on his videos as his own belligerent mother; after all, you'd just be "punching up."

"Kevin's dad" footage taken from CurryLoungeTV (during production we realized that this sounds like a damn good curry recipe and we'll be trying it soon.) 

"I Peel It Once Again," a karaoke/remix of Watching Over Me by Iced Earth from Something Wicked This Way Comes

MarinaPleaseKeepTalking's "Huevos Rancheros Jueves!"

Dedicated to Running Tree and 4ButtonSoul.
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AMBER Alert issued for Steve Shives, btw