"The King" Jon in: "Fanboys and 'The Final Solution'"

It is bittersweet at best when a ridiculously exaggerated anti-parody turns to be even remotely true. Apparently if you mess with the Hannibull you get THE "horn." 

This is an appraisal and consequently dramatic reenactment of these videos by "The King" and his Blue Suede Shoes of the People:
"Fanboys you have been warned"
"This is what it's like arguing with people on YT"
"Last Point and Cooling Down"

If it was not made explicitly clear, the Super SJW Fighters are calling for all of our Flying Monkey(s)™ to descent upon this poor soul and give him the business end of your IP address(es). Feel free to abandon your own sanity and potential in exchange for the opportunity to ravish his lifespan with your blatant attempts to waste his own short time on Earth, which he will, no doubt, relinquish willingly because as well all know, commenting on youtube is the liquor of the #Gods and cannot be refrained from once imbibed.

#HannibaltheVictor13_4LYFE! We'll see you all at the 2025 Philippic Olympics!
Ages 13 and under: free admittance