5: I Fucked My Way to the Top and All I Got Was this Lousy Haranguing

Running Tree of 3&3 Fifths joins us in a round robin of SSFIV as we explain to him, being someone who dislikes video games as much as Phil Fish and Ian Miles Cheong, the Zoe Quinnspiracy and how relevant it is to a world where, in other less fortunate countries, people are ripping out one another's intestines over territory or starving their populations out of totalitarian narcissism. Damn you, first world problems; you will doom us all.

"Bang-Bang-Bart on every first Saturday Night of the month" Ken comes back as Running Tree uses him to test his tight Shoryu-cheese game and BrianshipPotemkin learns the "back whence you came" air throw to counter it.

Topical hits:

Ian Miles Cheong: read this feed and decide for yourself.