6: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Bingo

No video this time; they're just too pretty... or lacking the correct cables.

Atheist youtube "Academic" Ryan Wiley's fetishism for his betters is explored through exposure to his twitter feed, where he seems to have an explicit and preternatural hard-on for the exceedingly more respected Thunderf00t. Soft-core hot.

4ButtonSoul plays SSFIV online using some sweet Juri moves and later gives BrianshipPotemkin his first taste of Lolipop Chainsaw while second guessing the arguments proffered by the new Social Justice Aristocracy when Potemkin uses twitter to rant about the Cult of Sarkee, all with the occasional Bill Burr reference.

And yes, of course, Lolipop Chainsaw is sexist. Duh. It's a male-power fantasy where the female just happens to have all of the power (including having a man's head strapped to her waist)... but who is ironically sexier than the perception you have of yourself... damn, maybe you just have self confidence issues. Well, 4ButtonSoul and BP are sexist for even playing it and criticizing it, so you'll be fine in a twitter argument.