4: dudetip

We slowly work out the technical difficulties as BrianshipPotemkin goes online and fights a Ken wearing the Bang Bang Bart outfit under severe lag. Jessica Valenti and her status as editor at The Guardian is discussed, as well as some other man-hating shit.

If you're gonna hate a man, make it Ken.

Topical hits:

4ButtonSoul's scum of the week.

Switched on Women, an Australian organization that appears to be duping women into giving up market research by telling them that they are electronically clipping coupons. BrianshipPotemkin joined to investigate after an insightful video by bane666au.

Sweet hate-campaign ideas on Pinterest!

Victor Zen's link to absurdities committed against men, which go ignored by SJWs.

Richard Dawkins explaining his thought experiment to people who want to plug their ears when the word "rape" is said. Which is important because we, as free thinking people, are clearly not supposed to be talking about rape.

A film that represents how most people don't think of rape as something remotely positive.

And... Jessica Valenti is a bad person.