8: A Cheong in the Armour

Recorded on May 31, 2015

Trigger warning: The Super SJDubb Fighters defend Ian Miles Cheong to some degree; they've beaten on him enough in the past and they have agreed that even someone who is a fully formed adult, yet under the impression that constantly muckraking on twitter is somehow constructive behavior, as embarrassing as that is, can still possibly change for the better.

The SSJWFs are joined by RunningTree, Phoenix, Benevolent Kitty Overlord and his blanket of 3&3 Fifths for a discussion about IMC, Polygon's Arthur Geis, his guilt boner and contractually abused Suicide Girls, Christina Hoff Summers doing the exact opposite of Anita Sarkee, Boogie and fat shaming as a made-up American problem, the Mad Max boycott rumor spread by David "unfuckable" Futrelle and a debate over how "facials" in porn could possibly be seen as rather un-feminist.

The SSJWFs do not accept Cheong's "apology," because they are in no position to have felt that apologies were ever owed to them. So, suffice to say that they agree with his new found "enlightenment" over how poorly he has been acting online and they believe him to be sincere. It's truly only up to him if he is to be absolved.

Only offline will we then, see face to face.

Opening theme: "Making of Cyborg"  by Kenji Kawai, from Ghost in the Shell

Clips from: Ghost in the Shell

Topical hits:

IMC and what games mean to him

"It's ending tonight" (featuring the Adonis lady-killer, youtube personality @Zennistrad)

Boogie2988 on Tess Holiday ("overweight" people can be attractive too, and Tess Holiday is; perhaps only to some people. What is important about wanting to be attractive still maintains, regardless of subjective weight or beauty: this sector of your self-esteem will always hinge on who finds you attractive; if you're trying to attract someone in particular... the outcome is your success or loss, not society's)

The Christina Hoff Sommers fanfare at Oberlin: draw your own conclusions