Some Thirsty Motherfuckers, Part 2

The less European half of SSJWF goes rogue in an impromptu solo episode. Again, skip to around 23 minutes if you're the impatient type and/or tears of blood and boredom begin to stream your face.

A useless diatribe recorded over June first to the third, concerning "events" with which no one even remotely connected seems to care about anymore; and that, considering the supposed moral weight on display from them at the time, is rather sad as it's only been two weeks.

But oh, did Steve Shives care for that one 17 minute video. He cared like a fox.

In accordance with Steve "skeevy" Shives' personal philosophy, this is not about JJTalkz at all; it's about Steve, Steve and more Steve. Crocodile man-child tears available wholesale.

Or, perhaps instead, indulge a written summary of the boring shit you chose to skip, the devout masochist you are.

Clips: from Community, Season 3, Episodes 21 and 22
Exit music: "(C)uck a Sage" by Daisuke Ishiwatari from the Guilty Gear OST