"Some Thirsty Motherfuckers" Promo

"Can somebody from this new world of fat children, where you don't go outside," please explain how watching someone's youtube videos or being in a "facebook group" together means that you "know" them or are all "friends"?

An upcoming SSJWF2 mini-series by BrianshipPotemkin, inspired by his pathos and wonder at seeing vlogger Sequester Zone turned on by some in his youtube clique after simply attempting to confide in them; vlogger JJTalkz admitting to having been explicitly propositioned by other internet "social justice warriors" and consequently, fat-heads like Steve Shives' preprogrammed attempts to emulate outrage and other such human emotions on behalf of those who suffer from the inherent abuse of their online scene's own septic white-guilt-proxy-marathon to constantly reorder the "progressive stack" to absolve their personal vices and/or meet their personal ends.

Non-partisian SJDubb Fighter BrianshipPotemkin tries to understand and empathize with a internet group that, in his opinion, typically lacks these qualities, at a time when a certain youtube subsect of SJWism seems to be at it's most transparent (the members of which will, most likely, not even be pretending to care about what happened to Sequester Zone, JJ or anyone else in their situation by the time these episodes are even released, let alone have by then espoused anything close to a solution in their youtube melodramas).

JJTalkz is eighteen, by the way, so any attempt by near thirty-year-old men to passionately adopt her specific instances of internet (ie: non real) harassment as some line to be drawn in sand should be looked on with deeply scrutinizing eyes by the SJW "community." Perhaps any community, really.

Postscript: (pending editorial approval of ToB EP Pete J. Mewman)

Music: "Dragon's Wish," from Chrono Cross, by Yasunori Mitsuda

(Sequester Zone's video has been made private as he was accused by his own noxious internet "friends" of being transphobic and whatever other shaming language that militant proxy-progressive-stackers use to feel like heroes)

JJTalkz's first video of two, discussing her quasi-attempt to understand internet neck-children most likely ten years her senior (it's been downvoted a hundred times and the SSJWFs are not sure what kind of bored schlub would go out of their way to downvote this, save for a perturbed, internet neck-child of any age).

Steve "skeevy" Shives' video (however, downvoting this robotically mawkish attempt to take responsibility for his own label whilst doing literally nothing but talk into a mic and eventually move on, is recommended. Take note of the creepy grins and the mealy words seeping out through them).