Juri and Dudley vs. Mokoto and the White Knights

Two of the Philosophers Without Borders, 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin choose to exclusively "tackle" "social issues."

This "tackling" comes in the form of dissecting and eventually berating those who claim, from their keyboards, to be the arbiters of empathy and benevolent salvation, yet only express said values by self righteously chest-bumping their own advocates on social media after having perniciously name-dropped anyone who does not kowtow to their own unacknowledged narcissism. This is but a lowly and perfunctory trait of the proverbial "Social Justice Warrior."

Social Justice Warriors can be most identified as persons whom have a conceit hovering about them which completely disallows an honest sense of humor, i.e., one that includes themselves.

What does exist then, is perhaps akin to a typical '90's sitcom viewer: they can and possibly will only laugh at a thing if they are certain that everyone else is laughing with them. These dangerous and non-ironic millennials may be wont to believe that life is a sitcom and canned laughter is a given. Avoid (or mock) when possible. 

"Social Issues," for people like this, seem to manifest as some weird, electronic power-grab at popular opinion, which on some subconscious level only exists because they, aware of it or not, now live in a culture that allows them to beg and complain that everyone else should, by emotional fiat, feel guilty for not taking them seriously. But they clearly still want your attention.

Self proclaimed "SJDubbs" want a progressive "war"? They only deserve a fight... a goddamn street fight.
So Chun Li's thighs are in wait to choke 'em out.
Disclaimer: that was a metaphor you humorless, high-strung, meaninglessly guilt-ridden masochist, NOT a death threat.