Some Thirsty Motherfuckers, a Preamble

Seriously, what kind of thirty-year-old man consecutively watches, enjoys and comments on videos by a teenager made for other teenagers, then goes out of their way to decry the predatory behavior towards said teenagers, assuming that no one will find this concern "misplaced"? Hmmm... wait, perhaps I was being too empathetic with my benefit of the doubt.

Well I'll have you know, this is a protestant nation, Catholic.

I began recording "Some Thirsty Motherfuckers" on June first, as a single, solo episode in order to vent my confusion and pity over what was happening to youtube-based vlogger Sequester Zone after watching parts of his video "I'm Done With Feminists," which since has been made private. I have privately and publicly (for the little it's worth) made fun of SZ based on his demeanor and his political stance, which I view as painfully boring and near myopic, respectively. However, this video had me understanding him from a different angle as he sought to analyze his own retinue, his own group of online "friends," then witnessing some of these "friends'" response to him, which were, from an outsider's perspective, to be expected.

I believe Sequester Zone is right in doing what he is doing in standing up against the hypocrisy in his self-righteous digital community. I do not agree with him that keeping the names of those responsible for the said infractions (what apparently consists of online sexual solicitation, something I see as utterly innocuous, but this SJW scene does not) private, since if this "community" is supposed to be supportive of women at the cost of all else, I don't see how the women are the ones that are going to get flack over it or how naming those specifically involved in the transgressions is "creating drama." It is already public drama, as the parties involved only know how to relate to other human beings by making "RE" videos, or type messages to one another.

While recording an episode based on this situation, using JJ's and SZ's videos, I was attempting to be critical of the idea of "youtube culture," as I have little idea what that means beyond, "I've never met these people before in my life, but they like my videos so we're all friends now." However, my feelings of pity towards Sequester Zone and my confusion as to how JJTalkz was so surprised that just because someone calls themselves a (enter hyper-righteous title or emotionally compatible -ism here), that then means that they could never say or do something abhorrent, were completely inverted towards agitation and anger as I watched Steve Shives' video on the subject, which posted no more than a day after hers.

I also, through psychological attrition, listened to a bit more of Sequester Zone's ungodly long 53 minute video, to learn that JJTalkz is eighteen years old, something I would have never guessed, based on the context of a bunch of 25 to 30+ year old boys marching over one another to defend her, but which did clarify my point about her naivete in regards to internet "communities."

Due to what I saw as Shives going out of his way to apologize and explain in a purposefully exaggerated manner that sexual harassment is wrong, as if the individuals sending these ridiculous manchild messages weren't near fully aware that it's socially unacceptable, the podcast I was recording became centered around my grievance with Shives; not only with his youtube crocodile tears, but at his pretense of being a part of a "community" while exhibiting a total lack of concern in wanting to understand that community, all flowing back to the thesis that angered me so much: he seems to have been using JJTalkz's video for content. Someone with what seems to be a rather self-restricted sense of humor should not be smiling while talking about such things, either.

It doesn't take a "hero" to sit in front of a microphone and tell man/women-children that it is "weird" to ask for "nudes" from semi-popular youtube vloggers or anyone, to then go about their daily business as the week unfolds. My podcast degenerated into the anger over what I see as Shives' false concern and then my eventual laughter as he giggled and smiled falsely near the end of his video, all while talking about something he wants you to know he takes near as seriously as death. I don't like the place his video took me, as it usurped my attention on the subject itself (something I feel his video was intending to do in the SJW scene towards himself) and distracted me from my initial purpose of wanting to understand Sequester Zone's position.

It's been difficult to edit what I've recorded as to not have it sound like distilled anger and attempt to maintain the empathy I began with. This is not wholly Stevie's fault; but I maintain my integrity while doing so, as I want to regret nothing I've said and the production time, for the few who care, will reflect this. I merely wonder if Steve Shives had any second thoughts or misgivings himself as he committed his Apostolic renunciation of sexual harassment in the online SJW community, specifically JJTalkzs' story (note Sequester Zone's issue was not mentioned in his video), to record in such a timely fashion.

She definitely needs defenders, but perhaps in her own demographic. How does someone Shive's age, or any of the people who came to her defense even know about her videos? I only know about them because the near or post thirty-year-old dudes I lampoon have clamped onto her channel like a repressed vice.

In the upcoming episodes of this sub-series, I may come off as a bit too harsh on Steve Shives, since I now am fully able to understand just how difficult it is to bear the heavy burden of passionately expressing how wrong sexual harassment and rape are. It's really hard to find communities and first world governments that harshly oppose such things these days. What a magnificent hero he is. How tough it must have been to, through all odds, wince his eyes at a camera and object to sexually frustrated morons in a digital community expressing said frustration in the most moronic way possible. You're a goddamn pioneer, Steven. But, do try looking a bit more natural next time you grin while expressing how much your "heart is breaking."

Please do not confuse verbal insensitivity with a lack of empathy. I have no dog in this fight, but I believe some people do (Steve Shives, among others). And that dog is green. 

I apologize for using this vicarious experience to expel my own demons; but that does not make you the angels.