Episode 11: E3 Hates You and Took a Shit Between Your Mattress and Box-spring

The cynical game publishers vs cynical gamers marathon continues. Phoenix, BrianshipPotemkin and 4ButtonSoul of 3&3 Fifths discuss their gaming histories and E3 2016 while Running Tree is on vacation. The crew watches a few more trailers and some E3 conference videos, getting sidetracked by conversations about Xenogears, cheap-ass first run Xbox 360s/PS3's, PC building vs consoles and "reballing" Running Tree's cat while he's away.

The only "spirits" in the room aren't in the bodies of the E3 presenters, for sure: they're in the glass of 4ButtonSoul as he joins Potemkin in the continuation of the E3 2016 drinking game. Recorded Live on Saturday, June 18th.