Episode 1: First Call

The first presented, however not the first Last Call conversation that's been laid down. All ass-backwards, it was actually recorded before that evening's episode of 3&3 Fifths but maintains as a decent introduction to their personal gaming philosophies.

Includes: heavy impugning of RPG morality systems and corrupt digital distribution tactics on consoles... and some Assassin's Creed IV spoilers. Advice on absorbing game reviews is dispensed and the nostalgia of shopping for video games is explored. The psychological health of hard-core FPS players is deeply called into question.

Theme music: "Chin's Theme" from Double Dragon performed by Eden for Lilith

Topical plugs:

Penn Hills Game Exchange, The shamelessly Independent Game Shop: for anyone with half a soul that lives within affordable charter flight distance of 431 Rodi Road, Penn Hills, PA 15235... go there. Now.

SpyParty: a great gaming idea now seeing some sort of fruition

How I launched 3 consoles (and found true love) at Babbage's store no. 9: a fantastic article highlighting the strength of 90's gaming nostalgia that I found whist attempting to dig up what in the hell exactly happened to Babbage's