Tower of Babel is ad free and always will be. I will burn this thing into the ground before we start running ads. With that said, I can't afford to fund this thing myself. I brought this freak show into the world on my own dime, but it's up to you guys to keep it going. We're not trying to get rich, we're trying to have fun. Recording and production costs money. Hosting costs also increase the more popular we become, so it's a bit of a double edge sword. If you like us doing reviews of video games and new gadgets, we have to have the funds to purchase them. We're not yet cool enough to get sent products to review, and since we have a tendency to be pretty rough on shitty tech, we will probably always have to buy the things we want to review. So if you like what we do, please throw us a couple of bucks. We're not picky, we'll take whatever you feel like giving us, up to and including heavily used dakimakuras.


Founder of Tower of Babel


We will also be setting up subscription donations in the future. They may be added to this page, or placed in the store depending on which system we use to implement the recurring transactions.  

You can also support our brand of irreverent ribaldry on Patreon, our current favorite west-coast American outlet for e-begging!