Lying in Wait
For the Dregs of Online Gaming

BrianshipPotemkin and A.K. 47 go online to comically parley with the worst of our modern society: the shiftless-layabout online gamer. Evincing the common usage of racial slurs, homophobic epithets and moronic self-aggrandizement of those who are semi-protected by the AT Field of broadband internet from those they assault, these two test the depths of the human propensity to wantonly espouse adolescence and ignorance.

A.K. takes control of the dual analog sticks, shooting down wannabe heroes and their egos whilst BP conjures characters and dialogue to get the prospective man-child ire out into the open. Hear them laugh wholeheartedly as they try to take it as far as possible.

One-half comedy, one-half incidental social commentary. Zero parts tea-bagging/other idiotic gaming memes. At least on their part.

Consistent targets include: 

Those with mic on, talking invalid amounts of shit;

Players who's hostility takes the form of imbecilic grunts or racial slurs;

Those with mic on, saying nothing while blasting music;

Players with perfectly hilarious usernames (wanted4merkin and Turbo_Barry are excellent examples);

Players who sound like males under the age of 15, yet who cannot provide any sweet Pokemon tips;

Those with mic on, saying nothing yet who breathe heavily into it, keep it on, causing continual echo or distortion because their game's sound output device is far too fucking loud;

...and probably you if you happen to play online console FPS.

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